NIH Workshop Quantitative Methods and Models in the Era of Big Data (Nov. 9th-10th).

M. Prague, P. Staples, JP Onnela, V. De Gruttola

[P-2015-1] Title: Leveraging contact network information in clustered randomized trials of infectious diseases.

HIV Dynamics and evolution, Utrecht, Netherlands (May)

A. Jarne, R. Thiébaut, M. Prague and D. Commenges

[P-2013-1] Title: Modeling the effect of interleukin 7 on CD4+ T cells.

Sidaction Summer school, Carry-en-rouet, France (Sept. 1st-6th)

M. Prague and D. Commenges

[P-2011-1] Title: HIV and immune system dynamics modeling and drug dose reduction.